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This record is dedicated to everyone who supported us in any way!


released September 17, 2012



all rights reserved


The Driftwood Fairytales Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: Chasing Dragons, Chasing Ghosts
Walking down these dusty roads to his best friend’s house on the edge of this town then they’ll run into those woods chasing dragons chasing ghosts ‘til their mothers call them home

I hope you believe everything that you see because no one else does

In the attic in an old box where his grandpa left all his things they found a map with a cross but no idea what that was showing so they loaded all their bags with some food and other stuff and a slingshot just in case
by the river that is surrounded by some white oak trees they put up their tent hoping to get at least a snatch of sleep but while the wolves are howling and the bears are dancing there’s not a eye to be closed

In the morning light the forest seems so unoffending but there are monsters good and bad and sometimes that is hard to say
Track Name: Sleeping On The Floor
We try to give ourselves some good reason
Derived from ancient categories of times long passed

We try to put some sense in everything to kill this emptiness
But what if there's no reason at all

We spent the best times sleeping on the floor
It's so easy to let go when there is nothing to hold on to

Sometimes I wished everything I've owned was stolen
And we could start it all, all over again

We've got all that we need and I wished that we knew it
We've got all that we need and I wished that we knew it
Track Name: I Can`t Stop Movin`
There are roads that are made of concrete and there are streets that are paved with gold and our hearts keep beating faster and faster and there is a song that is stuck in my head right here in between my ears and my feet can’t stop moving to this beat

I can’t stop moving I cant stop moving now

I have a set of words to set me free from you I have a set of thoughts to set things right again but I just can’t settle my mind from all these things that have been said yeah I just can’t settle my mind from all these things that have been said
Track Name: The Soul Toss
I am so damn tired of fighting all the time and raising my fist against everything and everyone my throat is oh so dry from screaming and shouting every night but here I stand again screaming at this wall because it seems harder for me to draw that line

From side to side I’m being tossed around looking for my soul which can nowhere be found but still I carry on my quest for stable ground from side to side I’m being tossed around

I am sick of being sick of it all all of the time is it odd to feel odd when odd situations come your way all of your life
Track Name: Old Pine Trees
I’m so sorry but I really gotta go now just one last cigarette and then I’ll take my leave that’s what he said the last time that they’ve met
and he sat down again next to her feet and then he turned around yeah he sat back down again next to her naked feet and turned his face to hers

And like old pine trees they sat in silence while the sun was vanishing yeah like old pine trees they sat in silence while the sun was vanishing

And they weren’t looking for words because they knew they’ll never find any so they just sat there watching those green trees turning red just hoping this sunset it would last and as they embraced for the last time both tried to memorize this feeling the smell of her hair the sound of his heartbeat just one last just one last cigarette
Track Name: What’s A Ten-Year-Old To Do?
Whatever happened to my friend yeah I used to know this boy with that mischievous smile we used to be like brothers and then came some older guys and they took you away you said they are your new friends and I believed you maybe I should’ve warned you and try to make you stay maybe I should have warned you but what’s a ten-year-old to say?

I don’t wanna see you falling apart I just couldn’t stand looking at you looking this way

In one of those neighboring streets we found an abandoned house the entrance was a broken window on the back facing the lawn rumor has it was haunted and I can tell you it sure was every midday after school you and me we were the ghosts
Track Name: Paralysis
We’re rattling on the bars of our prisons and they are old and they’re decayed and we’re only half-determined and we call this home yeah we call this home and we lost our souls somewhere on this road which is too long to ever find them again

Paralyzing comfort keeps our egos warm

Check the TV program again there must be something on there must be something on tonight this radiation keeps us focused on doing nothing on doing nothing at all and when you ask me if I’m feeling fine I’ll tell you that I’m feeling fine oh yeah I’m feeling fine I really do
Track Name: Stop The World
This noisy city seems to be louder than before there seems to be a party at the local grocery store the engines of the cars passing me by seem to explode I just can’t keep myself calm keep the stress out of my mind it seems like everyone around me is screaming all the time

The world keeps turning while we are standing still and I hope that we’ll never keep on moving

All those grey faces in the subway they keep dragging me down but when I’m finally coming home you will be waiting with a smile that is reserved for me only

Please stop the world right now I don’t wanna go anywhere from here please stop the world right now I don’t wanna go anywhere
Track Name: To The Beauty Of Living
Around here there ain’t no unicorns no more and no one even remembers them having been around however I can see it in your eyes you still do remember those magical times and even if it seems like a lifetime that passed us by I can still see us flying high across a cloudless sky

White palaces surrounded by even whiter sand and a great white nothingness that seems to have no end those pictures of the past are more like colorful dreams but we both know how it feels yeah we both know that they’re real and even if it seems like a lifetime that passed us by I can still see us flying high across a cloudless sky

Black castles made of black coal bricks blackened by those factories that look like cigarettes pumping thick black air into a cloudless sky drowning all that cheering and dancing that might occur at night

But tell me where in this world is a place for you and me
Track Name: On Your Sacred Ground
And still we keep on dancing on your sacred ground ignoring all the rules and we’ll turn it up loud with smiles on our faces we’re running in circles and still we keep on dancing on and on and on and on and on

Shoes and hearts lying on the floor right next to our arms smoke fills our lungs just one last breath just one last water flies in from every side and we can’t run and we can’t hide and we don’t want to no there’s no need to
Track Name: I Wished I Was
I wished my hair would grow a little faster then I could put it all around you I wished my feet would be a little stronger then they could carry me right back to you

I wished I was a little better or maybe just a little more like you then I could take your hand and we would walk these streets together and we would look forward and never look back